My name is Rudolph Bostic and I am a native of Savannah Georgia. I would like to welcome you to my website. I hope you will enjoy seeing all the art works on display here.


Like all children growing up, I had my own dream world. I remember my Mother saying how we all have a gift, too. I guess mine is drawing. It took to me, and I to it.


I really loved Cowboys and Indians. A lot of children have teddy bears, but as a boy, I had a cowboy suit and a stick horse. I began drawing Cowboys and Indians. Then, I cut them out and played with them. This was my introduction to drawing.


I used to play with my home-made toys on the sheets and pillows of my bed until I fell asleep. When I woke up, I would remember the day spent in my dream world. I would put away all the cut-outs in a box, which seems to take forever in any child’s world.


As I grew older, I lost interest in drawing until High School. I became active again, when I found there were other students who also enjoyed the subject of Art. After that, I worked and studied in college for two years. By then, I was more into Science and all its wonders.


In later years, I took a closer view of Art. I realized more than ever before how no one was following the old styles and subject matter. I found, I enjoyed looking at things not with my eyes but with the eyes of the Great Masters. This sparked a lot of art concepts for me, which you can see in my work.


Drawing has become a part of my world, making my dreams a reality.


I’m thankful to God for the gift. To my Mother for having faith in me. Also, thanks a million to everyone who has helped me.

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